(Beverly Hills, CA) -Stem cell therapy is revolutionizing medicine and now has come to the rescue once again, this time, to help those who suffer from a debilitating, auto-immune skin disease called Lichen Sclerosus (LS). For most patients, this condition attacks the genitalia causing unbearable burning and itching, as well as making sexual intercourse very painful and impossible for some. Severe symptoms can interfere with daily activities, such as exercising, sitting for extended periods of time, or even wearing tight clothing. Previously reported that LS only occurs in post-menopausal women, recent reports, however, state that as many as one in 30 people* may suffer from LS and yet, the information on this disease is sparse and relief is hard to find. To date, there is no known cure for this painful disease, which can also affect men and children.

“The tragedy of Lichen Sclerosus,” says Board Certified Dermatologist, Nathan Newman, M.D. of Beverly Hills, CA is that it often goes unrecognized for years and is unfortunately, frequently misdiagnosed as a post-menopausal change, a yeast infection, urinary tract infection (UTI) or even a venereal disease, such as herpes.” Until now the main treatment for LS has been topical potent steroids to alleviate the symptoms. However, many patients report no symptomatic relief from conventional treatments and some even report an exacerbation of symptoms.

Now, with the Stem Cell Lift® developed by Dr. Newman, there is hope for these patients for not only relief of their symptoms, but also to help prevent disease progression. Dr. Newman, a well-known pioneer in stem cell therapy, developed his proprietary Stem Cell Lift® over 16- years ago for post-cancer reconstruction, wound healing and the innovative, natural, scar-free, knife-free rejuvenating face lift. During this procedure, fat is removed from your own body and the stem cells found in this fat are concentrated and injected back into the treatment area. Stem cells are specialized cells that are genetically programmed to help repair, restore and replenish damaged cells and tissues in our body. “Through my experience and knowledge of stem cell therapy,” explains Dr. Newman, “I knew that stem cells have been able to positively affect the immune response and put other auto-immune diseases in remission.”

Therefore, he applied his knowledge of stem cell therapy to treating patients suffering from LS with the Stem Cell Lift® and is finding success in helping to alleviate the symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus. In fact, the first patient he treated for LS with the Stem Cell Lift has been in remission for almost 4 years.

Anna, a 56-year old woman diagnosed two years ago with LS says, “The fusing, burning and tearing were so painful, I couldn’t sit down.” Topical steroids were not providing her relief from her painful symptoms. After her first Stem Cell Lift  treatment, Anna is thrilled to report “she is experiencing 91-100% relief from her debilitating symptoms.” She is actually considering dating again! ANNA VIDEO

“To date, I have treated more than 150 patients with Lichen Sclerosus with the Stem Cell Lift,” states Dr. Newman. “Remarkably, 25% of these patients are in complete remission; meaning they have no symptoms and no disease progression. Most report significant improvement in symptoms, are no longer using any topical steroids and do not have any anatomical changes.” Patients report that they can resume their normal activities, such as exercising, wearing jeans or underwear, sitting for extended periods of time, and are able to have intercourse without discomfort.

He adds, “My staff and I are in constant contact with our Lichen Sclerosus patients to monitor their progress and to study the effectiveness of the Stem Cell Lift treatment.“ Although all of his patients have reported significant overall improvement in their symptoms, most patients require 2-3 treatments to achieve optimal benefits.” Dr. Newman continues, “The Stem Cell Lift is showing very promising results in bringing relief to Lichen Sclerosus sufferers and our hope is it will continue to result in remission of LS.”

After discovering how little information is available to those who suffer from LS, Dr. Newman is dedicated to raising more awareness about LS and is determined to help those suffering from this horrible disease. To achieve this personal mission, he is launching a campaign called

#LS HOPE: Helping Open People’s Eyes to Lichen Sclerosus in May 2017. His dream is to create an annual LS HOPE month every May, to help more patients suffering from this debilitating disease.

For more information on Dr. Nathan Newman and his treatment of Lichen Sclerosus, please visit his LS page here that includes videos of patient testimonials.

Dr. Newman is located at 9301 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA and can be reached at 310-273-3344.


* published paper with statistics found here

Links to patient testimonials



*** In 2015 Dr. Newman published a paper in the Medical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology to bring more awareness about Lichen Sclerosus, you can find it here .  Updated findings will be published in the near future.