Tightening loose skin is something everyone wants, but can’t quite seem to do no matter how many skin care products they use or time that they spend at the gym.  And just when they think there is no hope and are about to give up, they find an answer!

Our ThermiTight radio frequency device can tighten loose skin in the most unwanted areas like tightening the abdomen where you have the loose skin after being pregnant or significant weight loss, tightening the skin around the eyes like crow’s feet or upper eye lids, and of course tightening the loose skin on your neck, which by-the-way, your neck shows the signs of aging over everything else.  This device can even tighten the loose skin around the knees.  We have two different settings that are geared individually for certain areas of the body, both are non-invasive.

I’m sure you are thinking this is too good to be true, but hear me out.  Radio frequency
is much different than your typical laser or sculpting device.  ThermiTight uses radio frequency heat to cause collagen tightening.  When the skin is heated the inflammatory process stimulates the fibroblasts to produce NEW collagen therefore tightening and smoothing the loose skin.

Amazing right!?

This is our favorite option for patients with a moderately sagging skin like in the areas I mentioned earlier, neck, abdomen, eyes, and eyelids, plus other areas that can be determined upon visit.  That thin skin that has lost its fullness is exactly what the ThermiTight radio frequency heat goes after.


Thermi Neck After Magya, CThermi Neck Before Magyar, C

Before & after ThermiTight to neck.

So what are you waiting for?!

This treatment can be done on your lunch hour with no down time and it is actually quite relaxing.  The recommendation is 3 ThermiTight treatments to one area, sometimes more are needed, and the results are seen in a couple of months.   More than one area can be done in the same day, it’s really easy!

Want to hear a doctor’s insight?  Dr. Newman has a video that he made discussing the ThermiTight!  Click here to see him speak about it!


9-4-2014 Dolphin, Allison Pre op (11)      9-4-2014 Post op same day thermi (7)

Before & immediately after ThermiTight!


A Before and After Thermi To Eyes

Before, and right after ThermiTight to Eyes