What They Say About Dr. Newman and the Stem Cell Lift®

* I am 55 now and have had LS since I was in my puberty I think. Just didn’t know what it was then. Had a biopsy done in 2007 that showed LS. Have had good and bad periods. Lost one marriage because I thought something was wrong between us, since we couldn’t have sex. We consulted a sexologist who told us it was a matter of psychology and working with things after a birth. That happened in 1987 and 20 years later in nr. 2-marriage the LS was finally diagnosed after many and serious flares. It has been awful since I also suffer from other autoimmune disorders/diseases. It is a real killer when it comes to self-confidence and intimacy.

Had my first stem cell treatment at Dr. Nathan Newman who is very compassionateand his very caring staff in LA in late august 2013 and beside from a little itching/burning in an old birth-scar it’s so much better, which I’m very thankful for. Going back early next year for a follow-up treatment.

– K.H. 10/11/13

* I first started noticing issues with LS back in 2004 after the birth of my daughter. It took 2 years and several doctors before I finally received a proper diagnosis of LS. I then used Clobetasol and Estrace for about 4 years with no improvement of symptoms. I heard about stem cell treatments being done in Italy and after some research, I found Dr. Newman. He was currently doing stem cell treatments for vaginal rejuvenation. The process sounded exactly like the treatments being done in Italy. I contacted Dr. Newman and after some discussion, I then scheduled my 1st treatment with him for April 2011. After my first treatment, I had immediate relief from the constant burning I’d had for over 6 years! I’ve since had 3 more treatments to address mild lingering irritation and my LS has been inactive for over a year!  I currently have no LS symptoms at all.

– T.T. 10/10/13

* First noticed white patches about 2004. No other symptoms then. I showed it to a couple of doctors, but since I had vitaglio (white patches and, also, autoimmune), they thought it was just pigment. Around 2007, I went to an ob/gyn for another issue. He told me it was LS. No biopsy then. Gave me clob. Tried it for a month with no change. Forgot about it, since no symptoms. A couple years later, during a time of crazy stress, I had a major flare up. Told my gyn (different one) then that it was clinically diagnosed LS. He said no. Wouldn’t give me anything until three months later when my symptoms were better and I had a biopsy – which confirmed LS. Used clob successfully to get rid of white patches and most symptoms, but wanted more healing and to stop using it. Talked to the doctor in Italy first. Talked to Dr. Newman just before he did his first LS treatment. Decided to go this year [2013]. Have had two treatments – June and September, so far. Good results – not completely corrected, but using no steroids now. Forget I have it most days.

– S.M.    10/10/13

* I was diagnosed with LS several years ago after going through a very stressful time. Autoimmune diseases are very common in my family history. My main issues were tearing, ulcer like sores, and intense burning. I didn’t have good luck with Clob and sought out some other form of treatment. I saw on a support group website information about Dr. Newman and one of his patients he was treating for LS. They were both very kind in sharing their experience with stem cell treatment. I have had 2 treatments and see a Naturopath in my home town. I believe the combination of the two has helped me greatly. I have some slight burning before my period but all I need is 1% hydrocortisone to control the burning.

– B.M. 10/10/13

* I got diagnosed with LS in 2005 after my daughter was born, but had issues for years before (constant itching from ages 3 and up). I decided on the Stem Cell treatment to get some quality of life back. My worst issue was fissures and itching. I had the first treatment in July, second one is in November. It took a week for the skin to improve from white to pink, 6 weeks for itching to improve (although it is still an issue at night) and 8 weeks for fissures to heal faster, although still splitting. I am so excited for the next treatment and to see more results.

– S.U. 10/10/13


* Testimonials are from individual patients and represent each individual’s experience.  Results may vary.