After ThermiSmooth to Abd




Why not cheat a little to get that abdomen you’ve been dreaming of?  Our ThermiSmooth 250 Radio Frequency device can help you get rid of that last little bit of fat AND tighten your loose skin at the same time.

ThermiSmooth 250 uses radio frequency heat that works to get through the skin, in a non-invasive way, and the heat then causes the collagen to tighten.  When the skin is heated the inflammatory process stimulates the fibroblasts to produce brand new collagen which then helps tighten the loose skin while also melting the fat.  This can be done on a lunch hour, has ZERO downtime & is actually quite relaxing!  Our staff is highly trained with this award winning treatment.  Dr. Newman discusses ThermiSmooth 250 in this video here and explains the science behind it!

Thermi Smooth Before & After Abd

Here is what our patient looked like before & 5 months after!