23 Jan

Posted by Misty Watters

Up until now, people with joint issues have has very few and very temporary options:

A) Steroid shots in the affected joint, which can carry serious side effects. Not to mention the fact that the relief is temporary.

 B) Joint replacement, which can be expensive, painful, and, depending on your age, will have to be readdressed down the road.

C)Fusing bones to help stabilize a weakened joint, which can result in limited range of movement.

Today’s edition of “Conversations with Dr Newman” offers new hope for people suffering from tendon, bone, ligament, and cartilage joint issues! Thanks to Dr Nathan Newman’s revolutionary discoveries in stem-cell research, there are now alternatives to painful, invasive surgery that actually help your body heal itself!

Click on the link below to hear about Dr Newman’s revolutionary joint pain treatment which uses your own, adult stem cells. Listen to one case study that borders on the miraculous! You can’t afford to miss this!

Stem Cell Treatments for Joint Pain

After you listen to the interview, you’ll want to call Dr Newman at: 310.273.3344 or email him at: info@NathanNewmanMD.com.