Home & Family Show – Dr Newman discusses Stem Cell Facelift

Hallmark Channel's Home & Family Show recently had Dr Newman on as a guest to discuss Stem Cell Lifts. In addition to describing the procedure and its benefits, one of Dr Newman's patients, Allison, joins the discussion and describes her experience and results. See if you can guess her age before she reveals it.

Dr. Newman on Entertainment Tonight – Stem Cell Facelift

Dr. Newman appears on the Entertainment Tonight show discussing the Stem Cell Facelift

Dr Nathan Newman – Stem Cell Facelift On Extra TV

Dr. Newman explains the Stem Cell Lift for Facelift on Extra TV.

FOX 11 News Feature: Stem Cell Facelifts

KTTV-FOX 11 news feature on Stem Cell Face Lifts, a procedure that avoids all of the scars and risks of traditional facelifts. As Dr Nathan Newman explains, “The stem cells are your fountain of youth; they bring in new blood vessels, they bring in the collagen, they improve elasticity, they produce all sorts of growth […]

Stem Cell Facelift on Good Morning LA

Good Morning LA showcases Dr. Newman and the Stem Cell Lift.