Stem Cell Lift® – Dr. Nathan Newman & Patient: Nadia

For the last 15 years, Dr Nathan Newman has been restoring the youthful appearance of patients from all over the world through his remarkable Stem Cell Lift ® procedure. It is a 3 dimensional change that requires no cutting, no stitching, and no general anesthesia. This video shows the process and includes a review of […]

Eva – Follow Up Part I


Three months after undergoing Dr Nathan Newman’s innovative Stem Cell Lift ® Procedure, Eva shares her experience starting with Day 1. This video walks through the entire procedure step by step and answers many of the questions you may have about the use of your own cells and fat from your body vs synthetic fillers […]

Eva – Stem Cell Face Lift

Eva explains the dramatic difference between traditional plastic surgery and the stem cell facelift in this very personal testimonial.

Stem Cell Lift for the Face

Lainy (a patient of Dr Nathan Newman’s) shares her experience of going through the stem cell lift procedure. She was especially pleased with the personal attention, the time Dr Newman spends ensuring clients fully understand the procedure, the professionalism and courtesy of the staff, and the results.

Stem Cell Lift ® for the Face

Carmen is 61 and proud of her age! She chose the stem cell lift because she felt she was looking old, wanted to look young, loved the results other clients had received from Dr Newman’s stem cell lift, and also liked that the procedure doesn’t involve any cutting.

Lis – Stem Cell Lift for Face

Lis had a Stem Cell Lift ® for her Face, an innovative procedure pioneered by Dr Nathan Newman. She explains in this video how easy she found the procedure, how “incredible” the recovery went, and how pleased she is with the results, a full 5 years later.