Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 1

Eva Morales is a patient of Dr Nathan Newman’s, innovator of the Stem Cell Lift ®. In this first in a series of mini-videos, Eva expresses her enthusiasm as she prepares to share her entire experience, step by step, of undergoing this cutting edge facelift procedure that involves absolutely no cutting.

Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 2

Eva shares the pre-op procedure of reviewing information about the Stem Cell Lift ® and signing consent forms.

Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 3

Dr. Nathan Newman marks Eva’s face in preparation for the Stem Cell Lift ® to identify areas of the face that have lost volume, so he’ll know precisely where to inject the fat.

Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 4

Dr. Newman is performing liposuction on Eva’s thigh. As he does so, both he and Eva share details about the sedative. Dr Newman points out that the sedative is very safe, avoids general anesthesia and associated risks, and helps make people more relaxed & avoid anxiety since they sleep throughout the procedure.

Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 5

This video shows the fat that was removed during the liposuction after the tumescent fluid is removed.

Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 6

Dr. Newman’s staff begins preparing Eva’s face for the Stem Cell Lift ® facelift procedure.

Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 7

Eva explains that betadine has used to disinfect and sterilize her face and that her face has been numbed for the Stem Cell Lift ® procedure.

Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 8

The Stem Cell Lift ® procedure has just been completed and Dr Newman’s assistants are cleaning up Eva’s face.

Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 9

Eva shares how it went for her the evening after the surgery – just a minor headache and facial pain that was relieved with tylenol. She had minimal bruising with the Stem Cell Lift ® procedure, far less than with a normal facelift.

Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 10

Dr. Newman evaluates Eva’s results from the previous day’s Stem Cell Lift ® procedure. Dr Newman notes that there’s a small amount of bruising & swelling, which is normal; within a week it will get much better.

Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 11

Eva describes the results two days after the Stem Cell Lift ® procedure. She explains some bruising under her eyes is the result of a platelet rich plasma (PRP) procedure she had to improve skin texture and reduce wrinkling. During the check up she’ll have an ultrasound treatment to reduce swelling.

Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 12

Eva explains that ultrasound is used to treat the area where liposuction was performed as part of the overall Stem Cell Lift ® procedure, to help the lipo area heal faster.

Stem Cell Lift (Facelift) Part 13

Eva provides a Christmas Eve update, five days after the Stem Cell Lift ® procedure. She is feeling good about the results, swelling is almost completely gone, and she still has a little bruising under one eye.

Eva – Follow Up Part I


Three months after undergoing Dr Nathan Newman’s innovative Stem Cell Lift ® Procedure, Eva shares her experience starting with Day 1. This video walks through the entire procedure step by step and answers many of the questions you may have about the use of your own cells and fat from your body vs synthetic fillers […]

Eva – Follow Up Part II

Three months after undergoing Dr Nathan Newman’s innovative Stem Cell Lift ® Procedure, Eva has her 3 month post-procedure evaluation. Dr Newman determines that there was approximately 80% effectiveness of the original procedure and that a touch-up procedure will help complete the original beauty goals of the stem cell lift.