Can you believe it is 2 weeks into January already?  I can’t.  It’s that time of year when you decide to make changes and resolutions; hopefully you’re still implementing them. Such resolutions like going to the gym every day instead of once a month, a change in your eating habits, or incorporating a new routine all might be something you decided on back on December 31st.  Why does it take a new year to make these choices?  Because a new year means a clean slate and a full 12 months to plan out your new changes and hopefully, apply them.

Our skin is the first thing people see, the first thing we see when we wake up.  Why not start the year with clean, refreshed skin?  What better way to bring on 2016 then to treat yourself to a treatment that makes the skin new.

A peel is a great way to obtain clean, fresh and new feeling and looking skin.  While the term ‘chemical peel’ might sound intimidating to some, let me tell you, it shouldn’t.  It is the best way to refresh your face and to start your new slate of changes.

Dr. Newman has his own formula of a peel; he has made his own recipe to make it more appealing and safe for all skin types.  The strength is determined with coats and is based to what type of skin you have.  I myself have had a Newman Peel, more than once, and have seen incredible results.

During the peel, your skin has a tingling sensation with a sting that is very satisfying because you can feel it working.  There is no pain and very little downtime.  The Newman Peel is mild enough that the actual peeling portion of the results only lasts a couple of days and is little enough that you can moisturize and cover it up.  I found that the peeling areas were just in my problematic t-zone, where my peels focus was, and I moisturized with my daily SPF moisturizer and I was good to go for the day!  After a few treatments spaced out a few months apart, I noticed big changes in my skin.  Those darker scar-like spots from previous acne were now barely visible and my skin felt soft and clean.  It also helped clear the acne that I would get once in a while in my t-zone area.  Overall, I just felt NEW again.  See the trend here?  So, with January & 2016 here and in full swing, why not start with a fresh face?


This is before, and directly after the Newman Peel. Notice Haley’s afterglow?



Want to see Dr. Newman discuss his Newman Peels first hand? Click  Here to see the video!

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