The Advanced Lip Enhancement Technique

Written By: Dr. Nathan Newman

Juvederm to lips before and after2

Before and 2 weeks after Juvederm to lips.


Lip enhancement has come a long way over the last several.  As part of the Stem Cell facelift, a 3 dimensional concept of achieving a natural looking, youthful and cosmetically desirable features, where we fill and inflate rather than pull and stretch is now one of the best and most natural ways to cosmetically improve and enhance the face and body.  The lip, as the rest of the body, goes through changes over the years.  For a natural looking, proportional and beautiful lip it is essential to have a thorough understanding the anatomy of the lip and the changes that occur over time.

Changes Over Time

Over time the upper lip loses volume and the philtrum (Cupid’s bow) flattens, the skin wrinkles and the lip thins.  The angle of the mouth starts to turn down and appears sad.  The laugh lines deepen and the lower face may begin to jowl.  The lower lip maintains its shape better but loses the desired proportion to the upper lip.  The skin area between the chin and the lower lip may have a deepened line or indentation.  These changes cause the lips to look aged and less attractive.

The Old Method

Lip augmentation until recently was mostly limited to plumping the lip only.  The lips then would look unnatural and disproportionate to the rest of the face.  Some techniques caused the lips to look sausage like or over filled.

 New Lip Enhancement

To achieve natural, desirable and attractive lips, the entire area from the nose to chin must be addressed as a unit in proportion to the rest of the face.  The lip enhancement methods chosen will depends on the degree of correction needed.  Most often filler, such as Juvederm or fat, will be adequate to correct the volume loss to plump the lip, correct the wrinkles and lines around the mouth and restore the Cupid’s bow.  The enhancement of the Cupid’s bow is essential to give the lip its attractive shape and curve.  When more correction may be needed, fillers can be combined with Botox, and advanced lasers to correct the wrinkles and sun damaged skin without downtime.

Luscious Lips

This comprehensive approach to lip enhancement will give you lips that are much more youthful, desirable, attractive and natural looking without more expense or recovery time.