From Our Patients



Stem Cell Lift® for Cosmetic

“At 39 years old, I had terrible bags under my eyes, making me look tired all the time and much older than my actual age. Dr. Newman performed the Stem Cell Lift®  on me. I drove myself home that day!
– Amy K.

“I am sending my latest photo for you to compare with my original ones. I think I look so much younger.”
– Dee

“I am so thrilled with my face although it becoming normal now (how cool is that) and so sometimes it is when I look back at old photos that I really go WOW.”
– Susanna

“I’m grateful there are amazing folks and procedures to allow women to feel and look their best regardless of age. ”
– Stephanie

Stem Cell Lift® for Lichen Sclerosus

“Dr. Newman saved my life. For years on end I had been suffering from a disease with no name. We searched from Dr. to Dr. the best we could find. My husband, my family felt terrible as they saw their mother suffer. One day I had a biopsy & my disease had a name, Lichen Schlerosis.”
– Mindy

“I had discomfort for 5 years before I got finally diagnosed. I changed doctors and understand your frustration. I was hesitant about the stem cell at first but the creams were making it much worse. Thankfully I decided to do it and it was the best decision ever. It has been 3 months from my first treatment and I am in complete remission.”
– S.H.- Lichen Sclerosus Patient

“I have had 3 treatments with Dr. Newman. Let me first say that he and his staff are top notch. They sincerely want to help you, and will immediately help you to feel comfortable.”
– L.G.- Lichen Sclerosus Patient

“These treatments are cumulative, and with LS being so individualized, some people only need one or two, others need three or four. This technology is truly cutting edge, and no steroid cream can give you permanent relief like the stem cells can.”
– H.J.- Lichen Sclerosus Patient

“I am 55 now and have had LS since I was in my puberty I think. Just didn’t know what it was then. Had a biopsy done in 2007 that showed LS.”
– K.H. 10/11/13

“I had immediate relief from the constant burning I’d had for over 6 years! I’ve since had 3 more treatments to address mild lingering irritation and my LS has been inactive for over a year!  I currently have no LS symptoms at all.”
– T.T. 10/10/13

“First noticed white patches about 2004. No other symptoms then. I showed it to a couple of doctors, but since I had vitaglio (white patches and, also, autoimmune), they thought it was just pigment.”
– S.M. 10/10/13

“I saw on a support group website information about Dr. Newman and one of his patients he was treating for LS. They were both very kind in sharing their experience with stem cell treatment.”
– B.M. 10/10/13

“I decided on the Stem Cell treatment to get some quality of life back. My worst issue was fissures and itching. I had the first treatment in July, second one is in November.”
– S.U. 10/10/13

“It isn’t easy to have to drop everything, fly across the west and have surgery (again), but you ladies are wonderful and make the best out of a not-so-great situation.  I am grateful for you all.  Thank you again for all that you do.”

Merry Christmas,
Kara – 12/16/13

“Right after I had my sleepy pills, but was still awake, Dr. N pulled up my before and the freshly taken after pictures. I was speechless, the change was mind-blowing. ”
-J.W. July, 2014

Stem Cell Lift® for Reconstruction

“Dr. Newman truly worked wonders during the Stem Cell Lift® reconstruction of my face. He is the finest doctor that I have ever known and there is no way to thank him for the miracle that he performed on me”
– Hersel M.

Stem Cell Lift® for Joints

“When Dr. Newman called to say I was a candidate for the Stem Cell Lift to my arthritic knee joints I was given hope!”
– Helen F.