Brazillian Butt Lift Patient 1. Before (left) After (right)


Brazillian Butt Lift Patient 2. Before (left) After (right)


Brazillian Butt Lift Patient 2. Side view Before (left) After (right)


Brazillian Butt Lift Patient 3. Before (left) After (right)


Brazillian Butt Lift Patient 3, 3/4 view. Before (left) After (right)



The Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Newman’s renowned Stem Cell Lift® incorporates ground-breaking technology along with cosmetic surgery techniques that make it possible to harvest adult stem cells from the fat in your own body and inject them into another part of the body to rejuvenate the desired area. The Brazilian Butt Lift involves this stem cell expertise which can enhance, contour and lift the buttocks with your own natural tissues, using non-invasive techniques. This procedure has minimal downtime, and provides scar-free, natural looking results.

Stem Cell Lift® for Buttocks vs. Butt Implants
The Brazilian Butt Lift, done with the Stem Cell Lift® method, is a more comprehensive, safe and natural way to augment the buttocks. The fat has many advantages in that it is natural and undetectable, it is scar-free, it does not move from the area that it has been injected into, and it feels firm but not hard.The implants used in the buttocks, however, require cutting the skin which leaves a scar. The buttock implants have many disadvantages including the potential for dislodging from their position, the need to be removed in case of infection, and an uncomfortably hard feel.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure & Recovery
The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can be done under local anesthesia. You will have some soreness and swelling in the area for a few days which usually does not require pain medication. There is very little down time with the procedure, and most patients are able to return to work in two to four days, and resume their regular exercise routine in about two weeks.This non-surgical treatment is done by taking fat from other parts of your body, harvesting the fat and taking the stem cells derived from the fat and injecting it in to your buttocks to a desired size and shape, sculpted by Dr. Newman.The buttocks require a sizable amount of fat to be harvested and transferred for optimal results. The Stem Cell Lift® to buttocks can lift and accentuate it. Dimples and cellulite on the buttocks can dramatically improve with this procedure as the skin and tissues will become tighter and smoother.All in all, the Brazilian Butt lift done with the Stem Cell Lift® technique enhances your figure and shapes your body and buttocks to a cosmetically desirable, fit and proportioned contour.