Stem Cells’s for Joint Issues

23 Jan
Posted by Misty Watters
Up until now, people with joint issues have has very few and very temporary options:
A) Steroid shots in the affected joint, which can carry serious side effects. Not to mention the fact that the relief is temporary.
 B) Joint replacement, which can be expensive, painful, and, depending on your age, will have […]

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Stem Cell Lift for Joint Pain

15 Jun
Stem Cell Lift for Joint Pain, As told by Dr. Newman
posted by Misty Watters

An interview with Dr. Newman about the Stem Cell Lift for Joints & Joint Pain

Interviewer: …cosmetic surgeon and board certified dermatologist in Beverly Hills. He is also a pioneer in the field of stem cell research and treatment, both for cosmetic […]

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Dr. Nathan Newman Innovator of the Stem Cell Lift