Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation
Hand Rejuvenation
Reversing Signs of Aging

By: Dr. Nathan Newman

We are all familiar with the old saying: “You can tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands”.
The nature of old sayings, like this and many others, is that they have been proven to be true and tried over time from the experience and wisdom which […]

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Lip Enhancement Made Easy-

The Advanced Lip Enhancement Technique

Written By: Dr. Nathan Newman


Lip enhancement has come a long way over the last several.  As part of the Stem Cell facelift, a 3 dimensional concept of achieving a natural looking, youthful and cosmetically desirable features, where we fill and inflate rather than pull and stretch is now one of the […]

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The Story on Getting Botox

Ok, real talk- to Botox or not to Botox?  If you are a first-timer, you may have questions, much like I did- such as, is it painful?  Will it make me look like my eyebrows are permanently arched?  Will I look unnatural?  How long does it last? Where on my face should I get Botox?  […]

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Tighten Loose Skin!?!?

Tightening loose skin is something everyone wants, but can’t quite seem to do no matter how many skin care products they use or time that they spend at the gym.  And just when they think there is no hope and are about to give up, they find an answer!

Our ThermiTight radio frequency device can tighten […]

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Anti-Aging Skin & Body Treatments to Try in 2016!

Anti- Aging Skin and Body Treatments to Try in 2016

We are now several weeks into 2016, but it is never too late to work on preventing the inevitable act of aging.  Dr. Nathan Newman’s office offers several anti-aging treatments and procedures to help turn back and pause the clock that can suit everyone’s needs, schedules and budgets.

Skin […]

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How to Get a Healthy Glow? A Newman Peel!

Can you believe it is 2 weeks into January already?  I can’t.  It’s that time of year when you decide to make changes and resolutions; hopefully you’re still implementing them. Such resolutions like going to the gym every day instead of once a month, a change in your eating habits, or incorporating a new routine […]

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Enhancing Your Lips with Juvederm

So You Want to Get Lip Injections….

Guess what?  It can be done, AND look natural!  I was able to get a first-hand insight into this treatment by interviewing one of our staff members, Amanda who had this treatment done.  She was looking for, “fuller, natural lips.”  When I asked her if that goal was achieved, […]

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Melting Fat with Thermi Smooth- an Aesthetic Treatment Study

Posted by Misty Watters

It never fails. Whenever I interview Dr Nathan Newman for a segment of “Conversations with Dr Newman,” I come away feeling a bit incredulous and giddy about the new technology and options opening up in the fields or cosmetic and restorative procedures.

Dr Newman, never one to rest on his laurels as a […]

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New Nose, Without Surgery?

Posted by Misty Watters

Being a 29-year-old there aren’t many things that bother me about my skin minus the occasional breakout or dry skin issue every now and then.  However, working in a world of dermatology and cosmetic treatments and surgeries, and just being aware of what age does to your over all body, I am […]

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The Stem Cell Face Lift… As told by Dr. Newman

15 Jun
posted my Misty Watters

Here is an interview with Dr. Newman as he tells about the Stem Cell Lift procedure for the face and what it entails.

Interviewer: We are talking with Dr. Nathan Newman, Board Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr. Newman thanks for joining us.

Dr. Newman: Thank you for having me.

Interviewer: Dr. Newman, I […]

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Dr. Nathan Newman Innovator of the Stem Cell Lift