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Lichen Sclerosus and the Body

Working for a doctor that is kind, genuine and whose ultimate goal is to help people, you can’t help but love your job every, single day. And then there are those days when you speak with a patient and witness them having tears in their eyes because of an amazing change in their life from treatment that they have had at our office. Suddenly you feel blessed to be a part of their positive changes.  O came into our office in September of 2014 with a condition that is very rare and very uncomfortable.  She has Lichen Sclerosus but the type that attacks different areas of the body, on the skin, called Extragenital Lichen Sclerosus.  We have seen that Lichen Sclerosus can effect more then just the genitalia and we are pleased to note that there has been improvement to other forms of this debilitating disease with the Stem Cell Lift treatment.

She had discomfort on her neck, breast, ankle and abdomen mainly, with a few other smaller areas affected as well.  She wasn’t able to exercise because of some thinning skin and scar tissue in her arm; she had extremely thin and sensitive skin in her breast area, and several other areas of her body were affected causing discomfort and pain.  I interviewed her to hear her thoughts and get an insight on the whole process and her decision to do the Stem Cell Lift to treat her skin condition.

Lichen Sclerosus Patient Interview

(M – Misty, interviewer and blog author / O – patient)

M:  When did you first start noticing your symptoms?  How did you feel?  What were they?

O:  I noticed my Lichen Sclerosus when I was 14 years old, it started with a small, brown patch under my right breast. At first I thought it was breast cancer, then after consulting 3 dermatologists I was told that it’s called Morphea. The symptoms were hardening of the skin, discoloration and white spots on the skin and also white spots on the dark brown patches. My breast only hurt during my periods.  A few months later I noticed that another patch appeared on my stomach and then few months after that another one appeared on my right shoulder.

 M:  What was your first thought about having this?  How did you start researching and when/how did you come across Dr. Newman?  How did you feel overall and when you found Dr. Newman?

O:  To be honest I didn’t have a lot of expectations for the stem cell treatment because my case is different from the other patients who have Lichen Sclerosus, since mine is everywhere in my body verses one spot. But at that point I had tried so many medications and treatments I was willing to try anything. My first treatment was successful and I saw small improvement which gave me hope.  By the time I had my 2nd treatment I saw a much better improvement and I was so excited for my hopefully last treatment which I did May the 20th of this year. The results of the last treatment were amazing. The Lichen Sclerosus on my skin was disappearing by the minute and I felt overwhelmed and happy.

My friend had researched LS and she found videos of Dr. Nathan Newman and I called for an appointment and I spoke with Dr. Newman who answered a long list of questions that I had, he was very nice and extremely informative and very patient with me.

M: When you met Dr. Newman and learned of treatment options for Lichen Sclerosus, what was your first thought?

O: Oh my god here we go another treatment that is not going to work. Of course I don’t believe that anymore but after being disappointed with many treatments that didn’t do anything, I had subconsciously given up on a cure.


M:  How did you feel on the day of your procedure?  The morning of, the night, the next day?  How long did it take before you noticed any changes?


O: The first time I was nervous but I didn’t feel anything. I woke up and they were already done and pretty much no pain until later that night. The lipo procedures on my legs were the most uncomfortable part of the treatment. It took a week for the soreness of my leg to go away. At the 2nd treatment, the lipo was done on my stomach and that was a little more uncomfortable and took a little longer to heal. I then started noticing changes like the color of the infected areas getting lighter and improving after a little time went by.

M:  How did the Lichen Sclerosus affect your daily life?  What were things you couldn’t do that maybe you are able to do now, since the treatment, what has the progress been like?

O:  Since Lichen Sclerosus started, I was slowly losing the full use of my right arm as the LS spread down my arm. After just one treatment for my arm (which was on my second treatment session! I have had 3 treatments so far).  I started using my arm a lot more than I used to, from simple things like pouring tea from a big tea pot to even doing pushups, an exercise that was impossible for me to do and I was not using this arm properly for at least 10 years and now I have no problem exercising, lifting weights and boxing. It’s as good as a healthy normal arm that has never been sick. I can finally use my right hand also, which was missing the fat pad. Overall the progress has been marvelous.

M:  How do you feel today?  Would you do anything differently?

O:  I feel so thankful and grateful for Dr. Newman’s treatment, I don’t think I can describe how thankful I am in words but I have had LS for 12 years and to wake up every day and see it going away and being able to move freely is a true blessing. I hope that people all over the world will hear about Dr. Newman’s stem cell treatment.

Lichen Sclerosus – Transformational Results

It is so incredible to see how she went from having no faith or hope in any treatment, to feeling fantastic and able to do things she couldn’t do for the past decade!  We are so happy to see this progress and wish her the best and continued healing.  If you have any questions or thoughts on this please post those in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

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